Nicola Jayne Maskrey - Artist/Photographer

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HNC Photography, Westminster College, London, 2008

BA Fine Art (Combined and Media Arts), Sheffield, UK, 2001



Highlighted Photographer, London Independent Photography, 2017

3rd Place (Experts Choice), FIX Photo Festival, 2017

Honourable Mention, - 8th iPhone Photography Awards, 2015

Honourable Mention (Finalist) - PH21 Gallery Solo Exhibition Call, 2015

Finalist (4 categories) - Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers, 2015

Honourable Mention - IPA One Shot, 2015

Shortlisted Winner - Life Framer edition II, 2015

Honourable Mention - Mobile Photography Awards, 2014

Honourable Mention - 'City', PH21 Gallery, Budapest, 2014

Artists Award Winner - Islington Exhibits, London, UK, 2013



Reproduction rights (publication) for selected images managed by Millennium Images, London

Stock licensing for selected images via Getty istock


Solo Exhibitions

Interpretations - Free Space Gallery, London, UK, 2015

Chasing Shadows (time based projection installation) - Islington Exhibits, London, UK, 2013

Adventures in a Suburban Garden (video installation) - The Foundry, London, UK, 2010


Selected Group Exhibitions

Shutter Hub - Everything I Ever Learnt, Cambridge, UK, 2019

Shutter Hub Open, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2018-19

Obsolete and Discontinued, London 2018

Shutter Hub Open, London, UK 2018

London Independent Photography Open, Londo, UK 2018

Shutter Hub - Because We Can!, Festival Pil'Ours, France, 2018

Shutter Hub Borders, London, UK, 2018

Rebel Daughters, Doncaster, UK, 2018

London Independent Photography, exhibition and panel discussion 'The Street Today', London, UK, 2017

Fix Photo Festival, London, UK, 2017

Traces, FreeSpace Gallery, London, UK, 2017

Motion, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2017

The Curated Fridge, USA, 2016-17

Obsolete and Discontinued, Germany, 2016-17

Berlin Photo Biennale, Germany, 2016

Shutter Hub Bright, Leeds, UK, 2016

Shutter Hub Open, Cambridge, UK, 2016

Obsolete and Discontinued - Revela T Photography Festival, Spain, 2016

Life Framer II - Menier Gallery, London, UK, 2016

Life Framer II - Juraplatz Art Space, Biele, Switzerland 2015

Shutter Hub / Photomonth 'Do You Like Love?', London, UK, 2015

London Independent Photography Annual Exhibition, London, UK, 2015

Shape Arts Gallery, London, UK, 2015

Cut and Paste - Miniclick / Tate Liverpool / LOOK15 Photography Festival, UK, 2015

MOBFormat - Moblie Photo Network / Format International Photography Festival, UK, 2015

The Heart Grows Fonder - Miniclick / ABC / Format International Photography Festival, UK, 2015

Colourburst, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2015

Contemplation, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2015

Color Space: Contemporary Photography, Black Box Gallery, Portland, USA, 2014

The Heart Grows Fonder, Brighton Photo Fringe, UK, 2014

City, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2014

Aura, LightBox Photographic Gallery, Astoria, Oregon, USA, 2014

The Polaroid Show, Doomed Gallery Dalston, London, UK, 2014

Stories, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2014

Hackney WickED!, London, UK, 2014

2014 Open, Barbican Arts Group Trust, London, UK, 2014

Off the Ground, Rowan Arts, London, UK, 2013

The Maya Centre, London, UK, 2013

Womens Work, London, UK, 2013

LuogoComune#3: the roundabout - Galleria Ex Pescheria, Cesena, Italy, 2011

Salon, Candid Arts Trust, London, UK, 2010

Love's Dirty Habit Too, The Foundry, London, UK, 2010

Free Range, Truman Brewery, London, UK, 2008

public hanging, Chats Palace, London, UK, 2007


Selected Published Work (print and online)

Black and White Photography Magazine (Obsolete and Discontinued) March (print, UK) 2019

Of the land & us (Instagram takeover), 2018

Obsolete and Discontinued (book), Brovira Press (print, UK), 2018

Shutter Hub August newletter - Because We Can! promo (online)

Life Framer Collection (online), 2018

Of the land & us (Instagram takeover), 2018

Inside the Outside (Instagram takeover), 2018

Of the land & us (website) 2018

Shutterhub Blog - 8 great photography exhibitions, March (online), 2018

Rebel Daughters (online, print, and poster exhibition promotion), 2018

Shutter Hub Borders, (online and print exhibition promotion), 2018

Issue 37 FLIP Magazine (print, UK), 2017

LensCulture Network Gallery (online), 2017

LensCulture Explore Categories (Black and White, Alternative Processes) (online), 2017

Featureshoot Print Swap  (online), 2017

Shutterhub Blog - 8 must see exhibitions (online), 2016

Berlin Foto Biennale Catalogue (print), 2016

Life Framer III (an instant), Instagram, (online), 2016

Life Framer III (colours), Instagram /  Facebook / Website (online), 2016

Life Framer II Annual (Limited Edition, print, UK), 2016

Issue 31 FLIP Magazine (print, UK), 2015

Human vs Nature, F-STOP MAGAZINE (online), 2015

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Editors Favourites (web and social media) LensCulture Visual Storytelling Awards (online), 2014

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On the Road, F-STOP MAGAZINE (online), 2014

Editors Favourites (web and social media) - LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards (online), 2014

Womens Work, London (online), 2013

Islington Exhibits (programme and poster), London (print, UK), 2013

Leap, by River Wolton (book cover), The Poetry Business, (print, UK), 2010

FIPA journal (online), 2010