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Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows is a night journey, a peaceful sleepwalk through a silent world bereft of people.  As the evening light transforms the everyday into a dreamlike state, familiar urban landscapes disappear underneath resilient vegetation.


For this series I used long exposures on 35mm black and white film to record the contemplative stillness of the night, the only movement in the wind blowing through leaves. I hand printed the images with lith developer on old fibre based paper to create single edition prints with a tactile quality and degraded aesthetic reminiscent of illustrative drawing or etching.


Winning a 2013 Islington Exhibits Artists Award, I was commissioned to rework the images into a large-scale projection installation for solo exhibition, which I have since further refined using multiple exposure layering of the images. The projection paradoxically represents the frozen moments as transitory echoes of the original, each dissolving into the next in a slow, rhythmic loop. To see documentation of the exhibition click here.  


Silver gelatin lith prints hand printed on specialist fibre based paper, also intended for exhibition as large scale projection. Click here to see as multilayered film sequence for projection.


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Chasing Shadows has been selected for the winter 2014/15 edition of fLIP magazine, from London Independent Photography. To find out more click here