Nicola Jayne Maskrey - Artist/Photographer

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An exploration of the story of Shakespeare’s Ophelia, made in response to studying previous artistic interpretations of the text.


Combining underwater digital photography with alternative printing methods, this series studies the destruction and turmoil that lies beneath the romanticism and serenity suggested in traditional representations of her fate, both in image and process.


After creating these underwater photographs I repeatedly printed and re-photographed them using lo-fi techniques to simultaneously intensify and degrade the images. Whilst the title image is a composite of two photographs, the remainder are all single full frame images.  In the final stage I used out-of-date Polaroid film to make water-based emulsion lifts onto textured watercolour paper; the destructive yet delicate nature of the process continuing the themes of the subject matter.


Image #3 from this series is the cover for the anthology Leap by River Wootton, published by The Poetry Business. Image #4 acheived finalist in the 7th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for women photographers. For more information please take a look at my blog.


Original limited edition prints for sale:  Limited edition of 30 sets of hand made original prints, signed recto and window mounted on conservation grade board.  Print size 12cm x 9cm, mount size 30cm x 42cm. Digital reproduction prints also available in a range of sizes.  For more information please contact me.



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